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Watch Your Native(foreign language) TV programs in China?  
Believe it or not, China has thousands of TV stations, national / provincial and local. While Beijing local cable TV network offers around 60 channels, with over 10 CCTV channels, one “Satellite TV Station” from each province and some Beijing local channels like BTV-Beijing TV Stations. Nationally only two channels are broadcasted in English: CCTV-4 and CCTV-9. There are no international channels in this cable TV package ( in fact it’s the only package available). Subscription to all these channels costs RMB216 a year. Some good hotels and apartment buildings offer their residences int’l channels via independent dish systems, most likely the channels are HBO Asia, Star Movies, CNN, BBC World, DW-TV, NHK, TV5, Star Sports, ESPN, maybe more channels like AXN and NGC. It’s different from place to place. You can ask the property owner or your agent what channels are you going to have and how much you should pay before you move in. While some serials and latest Hollywood movies DVD are available everywhere in the city. I do find some latest serials from NBC or CBS like Sex and the City, CSI, 24, Everybody Loves Raymond…It requires some experiences and luck to find good quality ones, though. If you still prefer to watch some “real/live” int’l TV stuff, personal dish seems to be a practical option. Satellite TV has exploded in popularity in the last few years. Gone are the days when satellite TV meant installing a huge expensive dish on the rooftop. Instead, drive through any neighborhood and you're likely to see small gray dishes clinging to rooftops or balconies pointed to the sky, ranging from 0.45m in diameter to 1.5m in diameter. While most of the dishes are around 0.55m in diameter, depending on which way it’s facing. To install a personal satellite dish seems to be a good idea if: satellite tv program satellite tv beijing satellite tv reception satellite tv installation
1. You are not living in a building with some existing int’l TV channels while you still prefer them.
2. You want more int’l TV channels/options.
3. You want better picture and sound quality over cable.
The popular satellite TV packages in China
We offer different packages for you to choose based on your preference, budget, language spoken etc. There are several commercial satellite TV broadcasting companies who have signal coverage in Beijing. While the most popular one at the moment seems likely to be Dream Satellite TV Package from the Philippines. This system requires a 0.45m / 0.55m in diameter dish to get a strong signal reception. Channels offered: HBO Asia, CNN, ESPN, CNBC Asia, BBC World, Ben sports, Australia Network, Bloomberg, NGC, Animal planet, Cinemax, Star Movies, Star Chinese Movies, Hallmark, Star World, AXN, NGC, ETC, 2nd Avenue, MTV, EntertainmentCentral, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Animax, Star Sports, DW, TBN, JCTV, Living Asia ,A well-mixed channel list of news, movies, sports and entertainments channels, as well as channels for children. While, recently launched HBOCN Family Package from China seems to be another good option. Channel list: HBO, CNN, ESPN, Discovery, Cinemax, AXN, TV5, NHK, TVB Jade, BBC world, MTV, Channel Newsasia, Phoenix Movie, Star sports, TVB xinghe, Hallmark Channel, Star Movies, Bloomberg, CNBC, CCTV4, CCTV9, CCTV-Olympics, NOW,EuroSportNews, Phoenix News, Shenzhen TV Station, Celestial Movies, Macau TV, KBS World, Fashion TV, MTV China, Guangdong TV Station, Phoenix Chinese,HBOCN requires a 0.45m in diameter dish. A good option to people who prefer a well-mixed list of channels from Chinese Mainland, HK, Taiwan Region and overseas. HBOCN currently costs more than Dream, but the price is expected to drop soon. At present it is used widely by network share method in Beijing,China government-owned satellite TV system Sinosat1 offers int’l TV channels, Most of the int’l channels you see at hotels are from this system, but it’s not available to individual subscribers at the moment. Before October 2002, pirate access card for this system was available on the black market. Later on the system changed the coding system and nobody breaks the code so far. Another option is DSTV Package from South Africa. MultiChoice distinguishes itself as a premium sports programs re-broadcaster. It requires a 1.8-2.4m in diameter dish to pick up MultiChoice signal in Beijing. Channel List: Supersport1,Supersport2, Supersport3, Supersport5, Supersport6, Supersport7, Supersport8, supersport update , DD Sports, Star Movies, Hallmark, FilmAsia, ESPN, StarSports, CNN, Skynews, CNBCAsia, BBC World, Discovery, NGC, History, AnimalPlanet, FashionTV, AXN, TV5, NHK, MTV, Channel[v], CartoonNetwork... .
Be careful of dealers’tricks
Some not-so-honest dealers may play tricks on your access card and/or receiver. Most common ones are like: 1. Subscription time shortage (legit subscription) 2. Giving you a one shot receiver/card then disappear. Some even took away the receiver from customer’s home by telling them that they need to rewrite the card or something like that before they disappear. 3. No satisfactory after-sales services or charge customers each time even though they promised free services before. So make sure you are dealing with an honest person.
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